As far back as I can remember, I have had a pencil in my hand, doodling all the time. It was 1994 when I made my first steps as a junior artist for an animation studio in Athens, Greece. My professional career as a freelance illustrator started in 1999. Several years were spent working for various advertising agencies, when I decided to put my mind, heart, and soul into what I always loved mostly - putting my own imagination on paper.
  Since August 2012 I'm based in the UK, working as a fantasy illustrator. Most of my artwork is commercial in nature, providing illustrations from things such as book covers to collectible game cards. During these years I've  done artwork for Applibot, Fantasy Flight Games, Penguin Books USA, etc. At the moment I'm working for Wizards of the Coast.
  Being a self-taught artist I treat each project as a challenge, developing my art and discovering my greatest potential! I'm working fully digital and draw inspiration from the realm of mythology, fairy tales and nature.